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WestWind Academy of Massage Therapy was started in 1985 by David Blakey. For David, it was the culmination of a dream that began in 1972, when he first became interested in massage while teaching school. He knew it was not a matter of if the school would ever get started, but when.
In 1981, that dream took one step closer to becoming a reality. David left the school system to become a massage therapist. After successfully establishing himself in the field of massage therapy for four years, and with the support of many of his colleagues, West*Wind Academy was opened.About the Director

David Blakey received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Arizona State University and his Administrator’s Certificate and Counselor’s Endorsement from the Arizona Department of Education. He is a graduate of Mueller College of Massage in San Diego, California. His experience includes working as a teacher, counselor and administrator in the Arizona public school system. In addition, he has worked with the American Heart Association as a cardio-pulmonary instructor and with the American Red Cross as a first aid instructor and water safety instructor trainer.

Since 1981 David has had a flourishing massage therapy practice in the Valley; he has given numerous workshops and lectures in massage and massage-related areas though various organizations and colleges.
He is a member of the Arizona Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and holds a registered Massage Therapist Certificate with the AMTA. Furthermore, he is a dedicated educator who believes in helping people live their lives to the fullest through the fields of massage therapy and holistic education.


WestWind Academy of Massage Therapy is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Post-Secondary Education.

Philosophy of Doing Business

People have different ideas as to the best and most effective ways of operating a business. I personally subscribe to the old adage that you build a successful practice "one client at a time" and that "word of mouth is the best advertisement." In order to accomplish this, a therapist must possess a skill with his or her hands that will keep people coming back time and time again. Most clients will not pay between $40.00 - $60.00 per hour for a “rub down.” They want to feel changes in their body and a sense that they are making progress in obtaining optimum health. At WestWind Academy, you will be taught a complete proven system of massage therapy that works. That to me is the bottom line. It's not the piece of paper one can hang on a wall but the actual skills one can take with them that will help make them successful.
At WestWind Academy, you will be taught a complete, comprehensive system of massage therapy with an excellent track record along with a proven method that will help you build a loyal clientele. You will graduate with an actual salable skill, rather than simply walking away with a diploma to hang on your wall. These are the things that make a school successful and worth attending.
Since 1985, WestWind Academy has been turning out highly qualified and skilled massage therapists. It has been this commitment to excellence that has helped build this school. I am proud to say that WestWind Academy strives to maintain these high ideals.  

Personality Traits Of a Successful Massage Therapist

In addition to learning a salable skill, the following personality traits are also very important: Likes working with people on a one to one basis. Enjoys working with one's hands as well as one's mind. Receives personal satisfaction in helping people.

Distinctions of the WestWind Massage Therapist Training Program

A course of study that teaches the student an already proven successful choreographed dance of hand movements, enabling him/her to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the massage.
In order to further enhance learning, students will have the opportunity to work together in small groups.West-Wind believes that grades are not the most important outcome of learning. LEARNING is the most important outcome; therefore, to minimize the fear of failing and reduce unnecessary stress, our students are allowed to retake tests if they do not receive at least 80% mastery of the subject.Here at the Academy, we believe that acquiring knowledge and skills is best accomplished in an informal atmosphere, where everyone can relax and enjoy the learning process.Students study and come in contact with some of the best and most creative innovators in the field of massage and massage therapy.All lectures and massages learned are videotaped. Students are allowed to view these tapes during business hours, either for review or make-up.Numerous hand-outs designed to help students learn. these handouts include quizzes, chapter study guides, computerized tests. All handouts are for the students benefit in order to help them learn. Answers will be provided so students can check their progress.Here at the Academy we favor a hands on approach to learning the massage. We believe that the only way to learn massage is to do it.

Therefore, in the MASSAGE TECHNICIAN program, 50% of every class is lecture and 50% is hands on. After a two hour lecture the class divides in half for hands on learning. For one hour the first group of students practice their massage techniques on the other half; when the hour is up, the students switch roles. By taking turns at both giving and receiving massages, each student acquires a special sensitivity not other wise achieved.

The MASSAGE THERAPIST program follows the same format with the only difference being that now the whole time is taken up with hands on.The human body is a masterful piece of art. Unfortunately, most people know more about their car engine than their own body. we make learning anatomy fun as well as informative and practical. The desired outcomes of learning anatomy are:The ability to apply this knowledge to the actual massage.The ability to successfully complete any written exam that is required for obtaining a massage license (The majority of these questions deal in anatomy.)Being sufficiently versed in medical terminology to work in a doctors office. Obtaining a greater understanding of one's own body.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, be in good health, free of any communicable disease, and of good character. An interview with an administrative staff member, either by phone or in person can be arranged to discuss the applicant's personal goals and motivation in becoming a massage therapist. At this time, any questions will be answered regarding the philosophy and /or curriculum of the Academy. Applicants wishing to then enroll, with the approval of the Director, need to complete the initial registration form and submit a $200.00 non-refundable registration fee. This $200.00 fee is then deducted from the actual cost of the program. The Student Contractual Enrollment Form will be completed later, during orientation.

WestWind Academy of Massage Therapy reserves the right to admit only those students who have demonstrated their capability of satisfactorily completing the requirements and objectives of this course.

Refund Policy

Upon written cancellation of enrollment within six (6) days after the last signature has been affixed to the Student Contractual Enrollment Form, but before the start of the student's first class, all monies paid shall be refunded, less the non-refundable registration fee.