Tuition - $3350.00

  • 200 hours in-class instruction
  • 50 student clinicals

250 total hours earned that can be applied towards a massage license.  Upon successful completion of this program students will be meet the prerequisites to go on to the Massage Therapist portion of the program..


  • Each student shall demonstrate a comprehensive working knowledge of classical Swedish massage.
  • Each student shall demonstrate a comprehensive working knowledge of the anatomy, kinesiology and physiology of the body as it relates to Swedish massage.
  • each student shall demonstrate competency of his/her working knowledge of anatomy and physiology by being able to explain and delineate how each system of the body can be enhanced and improved with Swedish massage.
  • Each student shall be made aware of the medical contraindications of the pathology of the body as it relates to Swedish massage.
  • Each student shall become aware of the emotional, physical and psychological changes that might result from massage.  By being aware of these possible reactions, the student will be better equipped to work through them with the client.
  • Each student shall be made aware of the different ordinances that affect his/her licensing, and what he/she can and cannot do as a licensed Massage Therapist.



  • Anatomy and Physiology - Provides in-depth knowledge of the major systems of the body and how they interact and relate to massage therapy.  Emphasis will be given to the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems to give the students a comprehensive working knowledge of the body, directly transferable and applicable to the hands-on approach to massage therapy.
  • Kinesiology - Provides an in-depth knowledge of the skeletal muscles, the mechanics and intricacies of human muscle movement.
  • Pathology - The study of diseases with emphasis on contraindications in massage therapy.
  • Swedish Massage - A series of massage movements based on the works of Per Henrik Ling of Sweden, used for stress reduction and a general feeling of well being.  This method is the most comprehensive and systematic method of massage used in the country today.  This is the best all around introduction to the learning of the hands on technique of massage therapy, producing an excellent euphoric feeling in the client.  Students will learn Swedish massage movements such as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement or percussion, friction, vibration, rocking, shaking, jostling, and range of motion or joint movements. These movements will be taught as a complete choreographed dance that will encompass every major muscle and joint.
  • Swedish Massage Video Practicum - Students have the opportunity to practice on each other while following the video tape of the massage being learned.  This helps students improve their massage skills.
  • Swedish Massage Practicum - Once a student has demonstrated proficiency in Swedish Massage to the instructional staff, they are ready to practice these techniques on people outside of class.  Students may use their own friends or family for these practice sessions.  Students are given an evaluation form to filled out by their clients.  This form is designed to help the therapist hone in his/her skills.  According to the law, students cannot charge or receive gratuities for these massages.
  • Lab Time - It is recommended that a student spend approximately six hours per week doing outside of class lab time.  These hours may be allocated according to the individual student.   For example, one student may choose to spend one hour per day working on outside class expenses; another student may choose to spend this 5time in two three (3) hour sessions.  Lab time includes activities such as chapter study guides, anatomy coloring books, quizzes and computerized tests.  All these activities are designed to enhance the students learning individual study time, preparation for tests, or other individual experiences not specifically originated or prepared by the West-Wind Academy.