Tuition - $3350.00

  • 250 hours of in-class instruction
  • 100 hours of in-class lab


NOTE:  If both courses are completed, students will be issued a MASSAGE TECHNICIAN/THERAPIST CERTIFICATE totaling 600 hours.  The total cost for the 600 hour program is $6,700.00.


  • Each student shall demonstrate a comprehensive working knowledge of Therapeutic Massage using the Blakey Method.
  • Each student shall demonstrate a comprehensive working knowledge of the anatomy, kinesiology and physiology of the body as it relates to Therapeutic Massage.
  • Each student shall demonstrate a competency of his/her working knowledge of anatomy and physiology by being able to explain and delineate how each system of the body can be enhanced and improved with Therapeutic Massage.
  • Each student shall be made aware of the medical contraindications of the pathology of the body as it relates to Therapeutic Massage.
  • Each student shall be come aware of the emotional, physical and psychological changes that might result form massage.  By being aware of these possible reactions, the student will be better equipped to work through them with the client.
  • each student shall be made aware of the different ordinances that affect his/her licensing, and what he/she can and cannot do as a licensed massage therapist.


  • Therapeutic Massage (The Blakey Method) - The Blakey Method is a total system of therapeutic massage techniques.   It has taken David Blakey nearly 23 years of research and development to perfect and implement these ideas.  The Blakey Method is not static.  It is continually being updated with new ideas and knowledge.  It was designed to work with the entire population: athletic, non-athletic, active, sedentary, young, old, healthy, or ill health.   It was born out of a necessity of helping David Blakey, the Director of West-Wind Academy, deal with chronic pain in his back.  Even though individual elements of this method can be found in other body  therapies such as: CONNECTIVE TISSUE, DEEP TISSUE, POLARITY, REFLEXOLOGY, CRANIALSACRAL, MYOTHERAPY, DEEP MUSCLE, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, TRAGER, CROSS FIBER FRICTION, BODY MOBILIZATION, ADVANCED PALPITATION, ACUPRESSURE, NEUROMUSCULAR, AND ADVANCED USE OF FOREARMS AND ELBOWS,   make no mistake, the Blakey Method is unique in its approach in dealing with the musculature and connective tissues of the body.  When David's back was chronically hurting, he was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience may different body therapies.  What he noticed was that none therapy was able to provide complete relief.  However, each one had certain techniques that made him feel better.  When David decided to pursue a career in massage, he borrowed the best movements and philosophy from each.  He then put them all together in what can truly be called an eclectic approach to massage therapy.   For further information, read The Development of The Blakey Method.
  • Therapeutic Massage Video Practicum - Students have the opportunity to practice on each other while following the video tape of the massage being learned.  This helps students improve their massage skills.
  • Therapeutic Massage Practicum - Once a student has demonstrated proficiency in The Blakey Method of Therapeutic Massage to the instructional staff, that student is now ready to practice these techniques on people outside of class.  Students may use their own friends or family for these practice sessions.  Students are given an evaluation form to be filled out by their client.   this form is designed t help the therapist hone in his/her skills.   According to law, students cannot charge or receive gratuities for these massages.

Professional Organizations

Upon graduation, some students may wish to join a professional organization such as the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) This may be done by passing the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.   West-\Wind Academy students are sufficiently qualified to take and pass this test.

Another professional organization the graduate may wish to join is the ABMP (Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals).  Membership into this organization requires a transcript from an approved massage therapy school.