Contraindications for massage

Absolute contraindications:

– Malignant blood diseases and hemophilia.
– Malignant tumors (before their radical treatment).
– Scurvy.
– Gangrene.
– Vascular thrombosis during its occurrence.
– Angiitis.
– Aneurysm of the heart, aorta, and peripheral vessels.
– Mental illnesses with a significantly altered psyche.
– Active form of tuberculosis.
– Venereal diseases during the period of possible infection.
– Osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone marrow) is acute and chronic.
– Causalgic syndrome (pain in the form of burning) after peripheral nerve injury.
– Circulatory insufficiency and pulmonary-heart failure of the third degree.

Temporary contraindications:

– Acute febrile conditions with an increased body temperature until the diagnosis is clarified. Flu, sore throat, acute respiratory diseases (ARI) (acupressure is allowed).

– Bleeding and tendency to it (intestinal, uterine, nasal, from the urinary tract).

– Purulent processes of any localization, pustular skin lesions.

– Inflammation of the lymph nodes, blood vessels with their increase, solidity with the skin and underlying tissues.

– Multiple allergic skin rashes with hemorrhages. Quincke’s edema.

– Hypertensive, hypotonic, cerebral (cerebral vessels) crisis.

– Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.

– Alcohol intoxication.

– It should be indicated that massage can be prescribed 2-5 days after suffering from angina, influenza, acute respiratory infections, as well as healing after a purulent process of any localization, termination of the crisis, clarification of the diagnosis.

Contraindications for massaging individual parts of the body:

– It is not allowed to massage areas of the body affected by various diseases of infectious, fungal and unexplained origin; any warts, various skin rashes, extensive damage, skin irritation, abrasions, cracks, herpes, shellfish.

– With psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, only the area of the rash is not massaged, the nearby area can be massaged.

– With trophic ulcers on the toes of the feet in patients with sclerotic lesions of the peripheral vessels, with endoarteritis, the foot is not massaged.

– You can not massage the areas where there are benign tumors; remote areas can be massaged in connection with indications for massage for other diseases or injuries in this patient, but only by a gentle, not intensive method.

– You can not massage the area where there was previously a malignant tumor removed during surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. You can massage remote areas with concomitant diseases and injuries, but it is better in the long term: in children-after 2 years, in adults – after 5 years in the absence of metastases.

– After removal of a malignant breast tumor without metastases in the event of hand edema (as a postoperative complication), you can massage your hands at any time after the operation using a gentle, sucking technique (you can do it several times a year when the hand edema resumes).

– With mastopathy, massage of the anterior surface of the chest is contraindicated.

– With ovarian cysts, fibroids, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, prostate adenoma in men, you can not massage the lumbar region and abdomen.

-Do not massage the moles that protrude above the skin, they should be avoided; especially further from the moles that do not protrude above the skin, you should massage in cases where there is no hair on the moles (because of the danger of their possible degeneration into malignant neoplasms).

– Do not massage the area where the veins are significantly dilated or bulged (varicose veins). For example, when the veins on the legs are dilated, you can not massage the legs, but you can massage the lumbar and buttock areas in connection with this disease and other areas of the body with concomitant diseases.

– With minor skin injuries, allergic rashes, you can allow massage of the area that is significantly remote from the site of the lesion.

– On the days of menstruation, which proceeds normally, massage of the abdomen, lumbar region is not allowed. With poor menstruation, it is recommended to massage.

– For hernias, abdominal massage is not allowed; it is only allowed in infants.

– With stones in the gallbladder, urinary tract, you can not massage the abdomen, lumbar region.

– During pregnancy, during the postpartum period and after abortion for 2 months, massage of the abdomen, lumbar region and thighs is contraindicated.

– Breast massage is contraindicated in any of their diseases, but it is advisable to use it in nursing mothers in the early stages after childbirth to increase the release of milk.

– You can not massage the inguinal, axillary areas, navel, nipples.

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