What should be a good massage

One of the common myths says that a good and high-quality massage must necessarily be painful. And what is pain? This is the protection and prevention of the body from outside intrusion. A person is experiencing pain, which means that the alarm has been activated, and the body will not calm down until the source of pain is eliminated.

Numerous massage therapists claim that a good massage must necessarily be painful. However, this is not true. If the body is in pain, it will not help to massage. It will interfere with everything that the masseur does. But if the body is on your side, and will help your endeavors, then the massage process will be more effective.

You should definitely find a common language with your body. Somewhere far behind the pain there are pleasant sensations. The feeling of getting rid of the problem, the heaviness, the pain.

The most important thing in a massage is a feeling of comfort. Believe me, you can perfectly massage the body, leaving an exceptionally pleasant feeling. And you can, on the contrary, give bruises and cause pain.

The technology is as follows: you can do a surface massage, without much effort, just grab the skin and at the same time make pinching movements. Bruises and pain are guaranteed. And everything seems to be fine, and the person believes that he, though strongly, but from the heart, was given a massage. However, this is not the case at all.

On the contrary, you can massage deeply and strongly, but at the same time gently and gently, massage the subcutaneous fat and muscles. Starting with light rubs, gradually increasing the strength, as well as the depth of the impact on the body. And in this case, the body will be well massaged, it will be reddened and warm. And the feeling of warmth will remain for several hours after the massage session, and the sensations from it will be joyful and pleasant. Such a high-quality massage causes relaxation and a sense of peace, and undoubtedly benefits the whole body.

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