A combination of massage and gym classes

Today, many people are engaged in one way or another or are fond of fitness and its various variations. A large number of fitness centers and their active advertising encourages people who are not familiar with sports or physical education to attend classes more or less regularly. The purpose of such classes, as a rule, is the desire to improve your appearance or improve your health. However, few people understand that some classes in the gym are not enough to maintain and increase their own health or create a truly beautiful body.

An experienced masseur is able to detect those muscles that are in constant tone at the first session. Such a tone indicates the slagging of the muscle, since its active state does not allow nutrients to penetrate into the tissues. During the massage, it is possible to gradually restore the natural relaxed state of a particular muscle or muscle group.

In the process of training in the gym, the muscles, due to stress, get microtrauma. In view of this fact, muscle growth occurs, which is, in fact, nothing more than the growth of muscle tissue due to the restoration of areas damaged by microtrauma. As a protective reaction, the body uses lactic acid, which, creating pain, prevents new loads. It is at the moment when the muscles are “clogged” that the therapeutic and restorative sports massage comes to the aid of the body. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes the acceleration of metabolism. Thanks to this, the muscles are not slagged and are restored in a shorter time.

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